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Live transcoder

Initial setup

  • Basic information
  • Network connectivity
  • GPU & CPU acceleration
  • Configuration summary


Welcome to Comprimato Live transcoder initial configuration wizard.

Please configure the basic information on this page and continue with the Next step button.

Configure basic information:

Configuration of network connectivity

Configure network interfaces(s) for incoming, outcoming streams and transcoder web-console administration. Assign IP adress manually or use DHCP.

  • Network interface template Network interface description template
  • No network interface
Configure network interface:
No network interface selected

Configuration of GPU & CPU acceleration

Comprimato Live transcoder detected the following compatible GPUs and CPUs for acceleration of video frame decoding and encoding.

NOTE: GPU acceleration is preferred because of higher computing speed.

Type Device Name

Configuration summary

Final configuration settings of your transcoder.

Basic information:

Hostname my-transcoder

Network connectivity:

Use Network interface IPv4 address Mask Gateway

CPU & GPU acceleration:

Type Device Name